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Company introduction

In 2008, Ghislain fulfilled his dream: He founded, a real estate training establishment through which he revealed the best strategies for investing in real estate.

His motto: Real estate is accessible to everyone!

Immofacile soon organizes several events aimed at all people interested in real estate investment. In addition to various training sessions, conferences and seminars, monthly evenings are organized in Montreal and Quebec. Today, Immofacile organizes a total of 125 events per year, in addition to offering more than twenty different training programs.

Ghislain Larochelle bio

A graduate in engineering and holder of an MBA, Ghislain Larochelle is passionate about real estate and training investors. He owns a real estate portfolio including more than 425 rental units, 2 shopping centers, two lots dedicated to the development of short-term rental cottages (250 lots for sale) and a construction project of 120 luxury units in the Quebec City region.

He is the founding CEO of, a training establishment located in Montreal. Through the company, Ghislain passes on his expertise in helping people achieve financial freedom through real estate. Investor, author, speaker and coach, he has, for more than 25 years of experience, supported thousands of real estate investors to achieve their goals, sold tens of thousands of copies of his 10 books, conducted hundreds of conferences, events and interviews in the media and has written more than 800 Real estate articles in newspapers and blogs. 

To those who might wonder: “But what more does he want to accomplish?” The answer is simple: His Big Why is: To positively impact the lives of at least 100,000 people in the next 10 years by educating and guiding them in successful real estate investing. To those who might believe that Ghislain’s “to do list” will soon be completed, I will answer this:

A true passion never fades. It renews and reinvents itself at the same pace as the individual who experiences it.

Markets Ghislain operates in

  • Multi-units residential buildings
  • Short term cottage rental
  • Buy-Fix-Sell (flips)
  • Land development (including bus tour with potential buyers)
  • Commercial buildings
  • Condos conversions

What Immofacile offers

  • Various real estate training programs (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • Group coaching
  • Individual coaching
  • On stage conferences

We also offer personalized support for your team no matter in which real estate field you are in. For instance, if you are into land development, we can help you by coaching the potential buyers so you sell your lots faster! 

Contact our team for more information.

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